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15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer

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1. The role of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in plants

  • Nitrogen plays an important role in the formation of the root system, accelerates the process of branching and budding, and is necessary for the growth and development of stems and leaves. Lack of nitrogen, stunted growth, old leaves will turn pale green to pale yellow, starting from the leaf tip, then die or fall depending on the level of deficiency. If there is too much nitrogen, the plant will often be dark green, have many leaves but limited roots, and poor development.
  • Phosphorus constitutes many important compounds, helps improve the cold tolerance of plants, and promotes root development by enhancing the synthesis of many important organic compounds. Phosphorus promotes rapid division of meristems, thus creating favorable conditions for plants to develop and flower early. Phosphorus helps the process of transporting assimilated compounds to storage organs, thus helping the early ripening of rice, sesame seeds, and beautiful fruit trees, increasing fruit quality, and promoting sugar synthesis in sugarcane. Excess phosphorus will leave the plant dry and cause leaf discoloration and cracks in old leaves. Without phosphorus, plants are stunted, mature leaves turn from dark green to blue-green, and roots are inhibited. Severe phosphorus deficiency will cause leaves to have purple spots, thin stems, slow ripening, and poor seed and fruit development.
  • Potassium helps plants photosynthesize better, promoting the formation of lignin and cellulose, making plants stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases. Potassium helps increase the rate of firm seeds, limit fruit abortion, increase the size of fruits and tubers, and increase productivity, sweetness, and quality of agricultural products. Lacking potassium, the plant turns yellow along the leaf edges, the leaf tips turn brown, and the symptoms spread gradually inward, from the leaf tips down. The tree grows slowly, is stunted, and has weak stems that easily fall.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING HUNG NGOC 15-5-10 NPK SILIC FERTILIZER (It is a root growth fertilizer and is soluble in water, so it should be buried in the soil)

Main ingredients:

- Nts: 15%

- K2Ohh: 10%

- P2O5hh: 5%

- Density (liquid) 1,15

- Moisture (solid) 5 %

- Uses:

  • Top dressing for all types of plants.
  • Helping increase soil pH, helping plants grow quickly during biomass development.
  • Providing complete, balanced, and reasonable nutrients increasing plant productivity.
  • 15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon, and some mineral nutrients needed for plants. NPK Silicon is a root growth fertilizer, so it should be applied to the soil.
  • Hung Ngoc 15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer provides easy-to-digest macronutrients, helping to increase the productivity of crops and the resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Improving the quality of agricultural products, guaranteed better taste, and sweetness, less toxicity due to nitrogen and arsenic fertilizer residues in agricultural products, no need to use stimulants, preservatives, and pesticides, thus agricultural products are safer.
  • Hung Ngoc 15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer helps roots become strong, hardens plants, prevents breakage, thick buds, and thick green leaves, increases the rate of flowers, fruits, tubers, seeds, the resistance to pests and diseases, and the ability to drought tolerance, cold tolerance, salt tolerance, and aluminum tolerance of plants.
  • Hung Ngoc 15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer is supplemented with a high level of easily digestible silicon. If used right from when the plant is young or applied regularly when the plant has grown, it can resist root rot caused by phytophthora fungi and nematodes. This product helps improve and detoxify cropland, making the soil structure more porous.

- Instructions for using 15-5-10 NPK Silic for crops (Applied for 01 North Sao)

1. Paddies
- When starting seeds: Apply 0.5kg of 8 Peaches Silic or 100g of Silica Bo to cover the sowing area of ​​1kg of rice seeds to help the seeds become hard, strong with roots, and increase resistance to extreme weather.
- Pre-planting fertilization: Apply 12-15kg of  15-5-10 NPK for 1 North Sao (360m2)

- At the beginning of the field: Apply 3kg of Potassium mixed with 200g of Silica Boron to spread (Or 200g of Silica Boron can be mixed with 40 liters of water to spray 1 acre of rice. You should irrigate the field because the deposited part is the root growth substance. Supplementing Silic Boron at this stage helps increase productivity, and high flowering of beans, and plump seeds.

2. Industrial crops (rubber, pepper, cashew, coffee. etc.)
Fertilize for 4 periods after harvest, at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the rainy season. Each time, apply 25kg of 15-5-10 NPK/pole with 300g of Silicon Boron.

3. Vegetable crops (squash, gourd, luffa, cucumber, bitter melon, radish, carrot, kohlrabi, cauliflower, onion, garlic, palanquin, etc.)

  • Pre-planting fertilization: Apply 100kg of decomposed manure with 15kg of NPK Silicon 15-5-10.
  • After planting for 3-4 weeks: Apply 17-20kg of Silicon NPK with 300g of Silicon Boron.
  • 5-6 weeks of age: Apply 15kg of Silicon NPK with 200g of Silicon Boron.

4. Regular short-term leafy vegetables (water spinach, spinach, herbs, lettuce, tobacco, etc.)

  • Pre-planting fertilization: 20kg of NPK silicon.
  • 20-30 days after planting: Mix 400g of Silicon Boron for irrigation.
  • 45-50 days of age: 17kg of NPK Silicon.

5. Perennial fruit trees (lemon, orange, grapefruit, papaya, tangerine, longan, lychee, custard apple, persimmon, guava, banana, apple, pear, plum, apricot, etc.)
- Pre-planting fertilization: Apply 20kg of decomposed manure with 0.3kg of NPK Silicon and 20g of Silic Boron for each hole to stimulate roots and plant growth. Maintain fertilization every 3 months.
- Post-harvest fertilization: Apply 40-50kg of decomposed manure with 1-2kg of NPK Silicon (depending on the tree size and age to quantify nutrition) and 0.5kg of phosphorus.
- 20-30 days before flowering: Apply 1-2kg of NPK Silicon (depending on the tree age and size to quantify) with 30g of Silicon Boron/root to promote flowering, increasing the quality of the pollen.
- 30 days after fruiting: Apply 0.5-1kg of 8 Peaches Silica with 50g of Potassium and 30g of Silicon Boron to each root to keep the leaves and nourish the sweet fruit (Can be mixed for watering). Maintain irrigation after 30-45 days with plants that grow one batch of fruit.
- For plants that grow multiple batches of fruit at the same time, you need to maintain fertilization as follows: Apply 15-20kg of 15-5-10 NPK Silicon with 1kg of Silicon Boron, sprinkle evenly or water 30-50 roots to help new fruit increase sweetness and nourishment.

6. Short-term root crops (sweet potato, potato, cassava, peanut, taro, arrowroot, turmeric, ginger, galangal, etc.)
- Pre-planting fertilization: 100-200kg of decomposed manure with 10-12kg of NPK Silica (when fertilizing potatoes, it is best to compost it with burnt rice husks before fertilizing. This will prevent the tubers from shrinking and the tubers will grow evenly) with 10-12kg of NPK Silica.
- 25-30 days after planting: Fertilize 7kg of NPK Silicon with 200g of Silicon Boron to stimulate tubers.
- 45 - 50 days after planting: Fertilize 5kg NPK Silicon with 2kg of Potassium and 200g of Silicon Boron.

7. Corn and beans (green beans, soybeans, black beans, etc.)
- Pre-planting fertilization: Fertilize 100-200kg of decomposed manure with 10-12kg of Silicon NPK.
- 25-30 days after planting: Fertilize 05kg of Silicon NPK/acre with 100g of Silicon Boron and 3kg of Nitrogen.
- 45-50 days after planting: Fertilize 5kg of NPK Silicon with 3kg of Potassium and 200g of Silicon Boron

8. Flowers: Fertilize periodically every 20 to 30 days, each time 20-25kg of Silicon NPK/pole with 300g of Silicon Boron to help thicken flower petals, thus staying fresh for a long time and maintaining color.

9. Pineapple tree:
- Newly planted pineapples: Fertilize 400kg of decomposed manure with 12kg of Silicon NPK.
- When the pineapple tree begins to produce young fruit: Fertilize 25kg to 30kg of NPK silicon with 500g of Silicon Boron, mix well, and apply to each root. This will help prevent fruit rot and fruit abortion, and make the pineapple evenly large and sweet.


  • Silica Boron can be mixed with other fertilizers to sprinkle or spray (or mix 100g of Silicon boron with 18 to 20 liters of water, stir well, and let settle. The solution is sprayed evenly on the stems and leaves, and the remaining residue is applied evenly to the root)
  • You should fertilize in the early morning or late afternoon. Do not fertilize when it rains because the fertilizer will be washed away. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to good technical details. Do not plow or dig the soil deeply, causing injury to plant roots. Apply fertilizer to the soil at a depth appropriate to each type of plant. Do not apply fertilizer close to the base of the plant.


15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer

15-5-10 NPK Silic fertilizer

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20-8-8-5 NPK Silic fertilizer

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